nice shirt yamamoto


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i can’t believe hibari sometimes

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how does mukuro even afford beats he’s a broke ass middle schooler living with other hobo children in an abandoned building he probably stole them


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if you arent thinking of bleach or khr

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x-vongolaheadquarters: Hello! We're a KHR roleplaying group that needs lots more characters! Lots of roles are open, and we'd appreciate a promo, if you don't mind doing one? Thank you!

Sure thing B)

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This itself is illogical.

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Simultaneous fandom breakdown.

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Welcome to Namimori Hospital. Please do not be alarmed by the supernatural children and mafia that we care for. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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uncle kawahira 

-> takes off mask, pulls off face, pulls off suit

-> puts mask, also puts face back on, also reattaches clothes to kimono

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Is it safe to say that no one saw that one coming…

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